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  • DillyTante bir gönderi oluşturdu,

    Rearrange text channels on Android mobile


    Not sure why we can't already do this, but it would be nice to be able to sort text channels on Android's version of discord. Maybe this is already a feature on iOS, I'm not sure. But we need it on...

  • DillyTante yorum yaptı,

    I would love this feature, and I agree with lots of the above suggestions. The boost limit can be 5 servers (OR, 1 boost per month on a server you've already boosted once) if you're an early suppo...

  • DillyTante yorum yaptı,

    YES. PLEASE. We need this SO badly. It would help so so so much with efficiency. Also, it would reduce the likelihood of a raid lasting too long. This is extremely important, really hope Discord is...