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  • Nickoakz yorum yaptı,

    Would love to have this feature for Servers, Server channels, Group DM's, and even DM's alone. Like Telegram, where if you tap on mute, it'll ask if you just want to mute for 1 minute, 30 minutes, ...

  • Nickoakz yorum yaptı,

    I also suffer from friends that don't understand to just stay in one server, and instead make new ones every day.

  • Nickoakz bir gönderi oluşturdu,

    Permission-less Roles

    Many Discord servers that I've been seeing are using Roles as a way to a users 'bio' or what this person does. Stuff like what games a user plays from a role that was given by a bot. 'Fortnight' 'D...

  • Nickoakz yorum yaptı,

    Just like I found out about 'clone channel' right when I finished wiping my discord server, aaa. Now I had to add 3 more roles, and having to remove 'all the permissions' just to make the 'role' a ...