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  • stormblade282 bir gönderi oluşturdu,

    Feedback to main discord

    I love seeing all the feedback suggestions and wanting to upvote them etc, but I always forget the site page/don't want to check/reload chrome every time. I would love a way to suggest feedback/rea...

  • stormblade282 yorum yaptı,

    Or maybe discord nitro could have an automatic cloud backup/restore option too?

  • stormblade282 yorum yaptı,

    I'd love this to be added, great idea!

  • stormblade282 yorum yaptı,

    Was about to make my own similar to this but saw this post. I'd love an option to only block them from DM'ing you but be able to see messages in chat.   Edit: DM Scan doesnt work either. Get sent p...

  • stormblade282 yorum yaptı,

    Another suggestion for sound it would be nice for server owners to be able to adjust the global volume of people in a voice channel.

  • stormblade282 bir gönderi oluşturdu,

    Sound Changes

    I was thinking about streamer mode, and the different sounds and so I can hear people properly I have discord turned up pretty loud, but I want it so I can hear people joining and leaving.  I found...