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  • Splutty yorum yaptı,

    Turning off overlays doesn't even work most of the time, since if you have a properly protected machine, Discord will just keep thinking they're new games and keep turning it back on. What we reall...

  • Splutty yorum yaptı,

    It is about that overly annoying popup, but more generally it is about Discord introducing intrusive features that only a (very) small amount of users use without having the ability to turn it off....

  • Splutty yorum yaptı,

    Yep. I uninstalled the client and am now using the web based version. This was basically the last straw for me with the client messing things up. (No I do not want stupid popups constantly, no I do...

  • Splutty yorum yaptı,

    Why do these companies insist on adding new crap cluttering up the UI or not even working properly and NOT giving us the option to turn it off?   Most recent examples: Discord with this Go Live cru...