「ᴼʷᴼTactical Support Furry」

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  • 「ᴼʷᴼTactical Support Furry」 yorum yaptı,

    @Canary, I just updated my phone and discord to the latest stable release. (iphone 5s, iOS 13.5.1, changelog 26.0) You cannot do custom colors

  • 「ᴼʷᴼTactical Support Furry」 yorum yaptı,

    Various people are suggesting using the web browser client. If you use the web client on mobile even just to log in you can see just how difficult it is to do anything, much less see what you are d...

  • 「ᴼʷᴼTactical Support Furry」 yorum yaptı,

    Why is discord mobile limited at all? Why can't mobile have the custom colors, custom emote management, and everything else that is on desktop?