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  • VoraciousGhost yorum yaptı,

    It's truly a terrible experience, the website, branding, and even the password reset email don't tell you that it's a separate account. The only way to get a password for here is to use "Forgot pas...

  • VoraciousGhost bir gönderi oluşturdu,

    Option to disable wave suggestions as a *user*

    The "Wave to say hi!" boxes take up a lot of space in text channels. An option was added to disable them for *servers*, but this option should really be at the user-level, so I can disable the box ...

  • VoraciousGhost yorum yaptı,

    This "feature" is really clunky and should be considered a bug. If I want to copy text I will long press on it, but currently you don't need to hold the press at all. Any sort of scrolling motion o...