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  • Pericles yorum yaptı,

    This change is here to stay and I can assure you it will never go back to the old UI. At most they will give you the option to switch between these two. They already did plenty of work doing this U...

  • Pericles bir gönderi oluşturdu,

    'Busy' should suppress mobile notifications

    One thing I notice is that the "Busy" or "Do not Disturb" status does not apply to notifications of the mobile discord app. You will keep getting notifications and especially in times where I'm tru...

  • Pericles bir gönderi oluşturdu,

    Ability to set transparency of notification window

    The notification window of Discord, especially on smaller resolutions is often overlaying with things you are doing, such as chatting or playing games. And you cannot see anything because it has no...

  • Pericles yorum yaptı,

    And had the issue again. Yesterday. played a game, suddenly lagged out for 10 minutes. checked what it was, and it was Discord. Match ruined. Updates can happen after a game was closed as well. Tha...

  • Pericles yorum yaptı,

    I have the same issue. Just had to endure 20 Minutes of lag throughout my gaming session until I found out that Discord once again was responsible for that. Edit: Wasn't just Discord.

  • Pericles bir gönderi oluşturdu,

    Less updates, disable auto-update or scheduled updates?

    Honestly, Discord is such a great app. And this greatness is becoming diminished by the fact that Discord just DOES. It updates whenever it wants, very frequently. I have a very slow Internet. And ...