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  • rayanon yorum yaptı,

    I hope they atleast reply and speak their mind - however different it is from ours.

  • rayanon yorum yaptı,

    @MessedUpMind , the quoted reply in Discord currently is - you have to copy the text, and start it with "> " . Another way is you have to enable dev options and then copy the message link and start...

  • rayanon yorum yaptı,

    I have an idea - why not have quoted replies (Whatsapp like), if implementing threads is becoming a challenge? My assumption is - it is hard for the Discord team to implement threads because the cu...

  • rayanon yorum yaptı,

    Please please please add this feature!! Otherwise context gets lost into a sea of overlapping conversations! Pretty please !   This is the only thing that makes me go back to Slack for some communi...