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  • Delete "Deleted User#0000" from the bans list

    seeing a bunch of "Deleted User#0000"s in the bans list is annoying and takes up space. They should be deleted when the account gets deleted too

  • Remove long blank spaces

    If there are 4 or more blank lines in a row, it should be replaced to 3 blank lines instead. Helps remove spam :D

  • Autoplay gifs remove the **[GIF]** tag

    Smaller gifs may have the GIF tag cover most of the image, when autoplaying gifs, please remove the gif tag

  • Slow network notification

    Send an In-app notification if your device is running on a slow network ("Slow" could be defined as 10 sec to send a message)

  • Kaomoji section under the emoji picker

    Could we have a little section where we can have stuff like the lenny face without having to search it up? Thanks! Oh, and also please allow custom Kaomoji, because I highly doubt you will like the...

  • Sync Sound Settings

    It's a tad bit annoying logging on to the web version of discord, then it blaring that "new notification" sound. Could you please add a toggle for syncing sounds (and possibly even Desktop notif se...

  • A full menu for mentions

    On mobile, its very annoying trying to scroll up and down finding a server/user to mention. At the bottom of the popup list, it should show you a full list of users/channels you can mention using t...

  • Small nitro customization

    That little discord logo in the top left should be able to be swapped out for a different picture with the users choice. It can have the same restrictions as the PFP restrictions and also be limite...

  • Highlight words

    typing ">>>this<<<" makes it highlighted

  • Recently used emojis

    Either a toggle to replace "frequently used" or just a section under that. Maybe it can hold a maximum of 20 emojis