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  • Lurking / Discover on mobile

    Possibly implemented first in the next Alpha/beta and testflight updates

  • Double height

    Used for titles and things // maybe use "$[text]$"?

  • Client (PC) side toggle "mobile icon"

    Lets be real, some may find it annoying and it just clutters up the player list

  • Replace/Update Emoji

    Instead of deleting an emoji and renaming a new one with the same name, just add a "<:reverse:322646981476614144>" icon below/next to the "X" icon

  • RSS Feeds!

    Pls add rss feed (or dm me a how to if it is already implimented)

  • Reverse Italics

    Syntax: `^text^` Looks: *imagine this, but facing the other way*

  • Add to Color Blind mode

    If someone is severely color blind, adding the highest role title next to the username would be very useful

  • Mutual Servers in friends list

     if the mutual server list shows "(+1)" just show the server instead of that icon... 

  • VC Buttons on iOS

    Can we please move the "@" symbol to the top right and add a VC button (looks like Headset) where the "@" symbol was. It could be a popup menu saying "√ Deafen" and "√ Mute" where the "√" is the ac...

  • Distinguish Webhooks

    Hello! I was just wondering if we can change the webhook tag from the blue "[BOT]" tag to maybe a yellow "[WEB]" tag. It may help with support and reduce the amount of false bugs.