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  • True time stamps

    Every time stamp should be in the format of "[dayName] - [dayNumber].[monthNumber].[yearNumber] / [24hour]:[minute]:[second]" Of course, the M/D/Y format would change depending on your location

  • Search for user

    Rather than using the general search bar (from:<@392597878482272267>#6666), you could use "search from user" (especially helpful on mobile but it would also help on desktop) // it would just jump t...

  • Distinguish Webhooks

    Hello! I was just wondering if we can change the webhook tag from the blue "[BOT]" tag to maybe a yellow "[WEB]" tag. It may help with support and reduce the amount of false bugs.

  • Possible Discord only URL shortener

    This server ID (268811439588900865) and the <#302112999794278400> ID (302112999794278400) can be shortened to "Jr9s8aaWkz" and "MJgCmPhCEq" respectively by using Base 62. You can do the same with t...

  • Delete "Deleted User#0000" from the bans list

    seeing a bunch of "Deleted User#0000"s in the bans list is annoying and takes up space. They should be deleted when the account gets deleted too

  • New slowmode type

    Have a slowmode type where a user cannot send a message until somebody else does. Very useful for counting games or one word games where the game depends on each person sending a message and waitin...

  • Show build number next to version

    Self explanatory, for iOS at least. Please put the build number next to the version ID. As of 2/28/19 (M/D/Y), it would show 2.4.5 [11561] for iOS next to "Change log". Example: Change Log --------...

  • Color suggestions

    **Please read fully before denying as a dupe** *I am suggesting possible colors for themes, not to add themes itself* These can be optional color *accents* for the light and dark themes Pred (Pink...

  • Add to Color Blind mode

    If someone is severely color blind, adding the highest role title next to the username would be very useful

  • Recently used emojis

    Either a toggle to replace "frequently used" or just a section under that. Maybe it can hold a maximum of 20 emojis