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  • ! Roberto yorum yaptı,

    I reccomend A widened sidebar that includes the names to the right of each icon, so the user doesn't have to hover each server to read the server name, as well as the ability to nickname servers, a...

  • ! Roberto yorum yaptı,

    The problem with notes is they can't be seen without first clicking on the user in question. It would be much easier to immediately be able to recognise people, as with Steam, rather than going thr...

  • ! Roberto yorum yaptı,

    I would add to this, and say that users should also be able to add their own personal image to the discord, because it is incredibly hard to find servers after they have changed their image, and by...

  • ! Roberto yorum yaptı,

    Note: Please upvote my comment if you agree in full or in part with any of the following. This comment has been heavily refined.My personal reason for wanting this feature Whilst I may not be consi...