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APasz「アパゾ」 tarafından yapılan son faaliyet
  • APasz「アパゾ」 yorum yaptı,

    Hope Well you are the one who seems hell bent on telling people that optional stuff can be whatever price, and that that Discord should not listen to their customers. You'll for sure go far in the ...

  • APasz「アパゾ」 yorum yaptı,

    @Hope More like telling the manager that 15 bucks for a generic bottle of juice is a bit high.   Would you not protest if your only ISP charged twice as much as any other just because they could. T...

  • APasz「アパゾ」 yorum yaptı,

    HopeBut I would like to use it and to some extent, support Discord.   Your statement is irrelevant. Being able to afford something and not finding value in something are not the same thing.

  • APasz「アパゾ」 yorum yaptı,

    The annual works out to between 130 and 150 AUD depending on exchange rate.When I look at what else I spend that much per year on; Patreon, Spotify, Youtube Red, GDrive, and my phone plan. I don't ...