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  • robo_bobo yorum yaptı,

    Similar to :   Upvote that one too since it has more already :)

  • robo_bobo yorum yaptı,

    This is the same as :   Upvote that one since it has more already :)

  • robo_bobo yorum yaptı,

    I see now that this is the same as these two : (This first one has the most upvotes so far, so upvote that one for sure:)

  • robo_bobo bir gönderi oluşturdu,

    Override search box "stemming" functionality

    When I search for "GUI" it also returns results for "GUY", obfuscating my results of what I'm really looking for. According to a support rep, the search box "uses 'stemming', which results in a lum...

  • robo_bobo yorum yaptı,

    How many upvotes does it take before discord let us know they will consider adding a feature?

  • robo_bobo bir gönderi oluşturdu,

    Undo last edit on message

    Option to undo the last edit I made on a message.  Thanks to everyone for a great app