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  • Haew yorum yaptı,

    You should just copy-paste them into the server you want them to be into. Alternatively, you can claim your data to Discord so you can get your messages back.

  • Haew yorum yaptı,

    Not sure why it is downvoted. Imagine the custom markups you could have with a bot, or a way to automatically add spoilers.  There could not be abuse if it's well-handled with permissions, and a me...

  • Haew bir gönderi oluşturdu,

    Enable emoji with oauth

    Currently, we can't access emojis with the given OAuth scope.  It would be interesting to allow OAuth applications to access an user's emojis in order to centralize them through Discord. It would o...

  • Haew yorum yaptı,

    I think about this feature everyday when I use discord. I usually use a closing chevron and paste the message content, but not gonna lie, it kinda sucks. How long will we be waiting this simple fea...

  • Haew yorum yaptı,

    That's actually a hell of a good idea. Would be cool if we could also hide other servers' emojis.