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juny1209 tarafından yapılan son faaliyet
  • juny1209 yorum yaptı,

    I think It is good to toggle either "Go Live" or "Original Screen sharing".

  • juny1209 yorum yaptı,

    I used to original screen sharing. Someday "Go Live" has added but  I hate "Go Live". WHY? "Go Live" cannot stream screen and change sharing app easily. I think that What I can know who watching th...

  • juny1209 bir gönderi oluşturdu,

    Where is the information of when my account or server created?

    When I want to know when my account created, I visit oldest server, scroll to top and find my first message. But If the day of account created is exist in GUI(profile etc.) , I can know easily when...

  • juny1209 bir gönderi oluşturdu,

    Please add a switch to toggle camera mirror mode.

    Discord's camera is always mirror mode. When I show text on camera, the texts are reversed. Please add the switch to toggle camera mirror mode.   I believe discord team. :>