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  • Kitteh6660 yorum yaptı,

    I've been thinking up of a possible solution. What about adding a new notification setting to suppress reply pings? Some people WANT to be pinged and some do not want. In this case, when I want to ...

  • Kitteh6660 yorum yaptı,

    Yes please, I agree. 10MB is a more reasonable and clean number. I've seen many high-res art that is between 8MB and 10MB, and this would solve the issue of 'files too powerful'.

  • Kitteh6660 bir gönderi oluşturdu,

    Partial Blocking of Users

    Let's just say that I don't want to see a post from that specific user in certain channels but want to be able to see their messages elsewhere and still allow them to PM me. Maybe it's because they...

  • Kitteh6660 yorum yaptı,

    The problem is that if admins try to contact you and you blocked them, that could be bad for moderation. Likewise, if an admin blocks you, you wouldn't be able to see their public announcement mess...

  • Kitteh6660 yorum yaptı,

    I agree with it. I always thought it was buggy. You have my support!