Ability to switch between gg sans and the old font


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  • pekatour

    This ^

    I prefer the old font, looked more modern to me.

  • Pip

    Or even better just let us select a custom font to use, this is such basic functionality. This would also help accessibility by letting those with reading difficulty pick a font which has more defined letters (i.e. the original purpose of comic sans and the like)

    But yeah, I'd prefer the ability to at least get the old font back.

  • DAOWAce

    Why would they give us choice? lol

    They take forever to fix things they break (ie; right click pasting was broken for the last 2 weeks), and unless there's a major outcry, they never give an option to revert something they changed.

    This might hit the major part, since it's literally the font, and font rendering is a HUGE problem for some people (like myself), but I wouldn't hold my breath.

    Why they thought a 1(2?) day notice was enough is beyond me.  Feels like I have dyslexia reading it now.

    Could be worse, I guess:

    You can edit the font via the console, but it doesn't persist between sessions.  Easy to change, but like I said, companies don't like to give us choices.

    Edit: Try this feedback form to voice your dislike of the new font, as it'd more direct than a user forum: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdTzNbITTRx4BYWFlC3gi_lEi3D3rsa9VCBK_EphF5myDb7uw/viewform

  • LEX

    Besides being really slow to read the font has already given me multiple splitting headaches. Discord keeps making accessibility worse, test your updates before you ship them please.

  • sayanikukitsune

    I really didn't like the new fonts and yeah, i think they will better for some person to switch on 2 differents fonts with the old and the new fonts


  • azerty

    The inconsistent spacing and letter size (especially on capital letters) is making readability a nightmare. Discord gave a change option for changing the eye-straining colors, and this font is eye-straining too, so I agree they should give an option to change this too

  • poprox

    the font is really compact and I hate it, it's straining my eyes. agreed

  • NickDEV

    The new font is unreadable. Please add an option to change the font so we aren't forced to reskin Discord.

  • P015-N GH05-T 90

    I will say there is a single good thing about this new font - you can distinguish lowercase L, l, and capital i, I.
    Other than that I'm already hating the experience.

    It's really hard to put any specific thing about the new font "gg-sans" but it has made looking at text just an awful experience.
    I think the spacing is a big factor though.

    It immediately just makes me want to close discord and use something else.

    I've never been one to have eye-strain with reading text on a screen but this is a first.

    (Please leave an option for the old font so I'm not gonna get a headache anytime I try to read text)
    (or another font is there is a copy-write/licensing issue etc.)

  • Avakining

    you can distinguish lowercase L, l, and capital i, I

    While the new font *can* let you distinguish l I and |, it is very hard to tell the difference between M and W, as the new font has them be the same, but rotated. This font is overall much slower to read, gives eye strain, and overall is poorly designed.

    An option to use the old font (or, better yet, an option to use any font) -- even if it has a warning that it's not fully supported for whatever reason -- would be excellent.

  • Ryanborambo

    l think they should add a toggle on desktop to use the system-wide font, and if the font hasn't been changed on windows then use the old font.

  • AaronDobbe

    Yeah, please *at least* let us use the previous font - I'm finding this new one very difficult to read (even causing physical dizziness). Allowing us to choose any of the available fonts on our system would be a huge plus for accessibility but at the very least I need a way to not see this specific font

  • r_soderberg

    I would love the option to be able to change back to the previous font - as with others in this thread, I'm having issues reading the new "gg sans" properly. The letters feel too skinny and close together and I'm not able to parse them well, my brain's mashing them up and it's giving me a headache trying to read messages.

  • Avakining

    I filed a bug report, and the person responding sent me this link to file an accessibility feedback for the font. Seems like the old one was licensed (and they don't want to pay the annual fees) so they probably won't revert to it, but hopefully we can get them to change gg sans and/or add an option to use a custom font.

  • Christh30ne

    Discord doesnt care about giving people choice tbh

  • Vaxity

    This this this.

    It actually genuinely hurts my eyes to try to read anything on Discord right now because of this unneeded font change. It's beyond tempting to find some quick hack to change it back manually.

  • Bones

    this new font is godawful. as someone with dyslexia and easily triggerable migraines, what seems to be variations in height for all of the letters is a god damn nightmare to read. im not sure if thats what is actually is, but regardless its terrible on the eyes. the old font was simple and clear, easy to read. i dont know how they managed to screw it up so bad. i wouldnt be surprised if i find myself getting migraines more often while using discord.

  • flufferfish

    I've literally gotten a dang migraine from using Discord with the new font. This is not accessible. I can't find where the desktop app stores the CSS used to style the text, so now I have to use Inspect Element to forceably switch it to use the system font instead. This new font is incredibly painful and not accessible at all.

  • Res

    Please consider giving the option to change the font somewhere within the app's settings, gg sans has significantly worse readability than whitney and is causing issues with eye strain for many users. Even allowing users to default to noto sans would be sufficient. Making sweeping, forced UI changes with little to no consideration for accessibility actively alienates a not insigificant portion of the app's userbase.

  • SpaceBees

    Please please PLEASE. The new font is too thin and the spacing feels wrong; it's simply unpleasant to look at in a way that's hard to put my finger on. I just canceled my Nitro subscription, because I'm not likely to use Discord as often if I can't comfortably read it!

    The ideal for both accessibility and general user enjoyment would be giving users a setting to change the font. (Preferably from any fonts on the user's device, but even having only a few choices would be better than no choices.)

  • Eirini

    I made an account just to support this thread. I hate this new font. It's so hard to read and is actively giving me one hell of a headache to look at. PLEASE LET ME GO BACK TO THE OLD I DON'T WANNA BE STUCK WITH THIS. The spacing and sizing is absolutely horrid. Holy hell.

  • Skonris

    I'm extremely unimpressed with this flippant font change that was made without any community input whatsoever. I have a hard time believing the license fee for the old font warranted this extreme change either. This cutesy new font is so far removed from the neutral, and professional font that was in place previously. I hope that this decision is eventually reconsidered, and the old font is added back in some capacity. I'm honestly thinking of canceling my Nitro subscription if something isn't done about it. I dislike it that much.

  • pitoumugis

    Massive agree with all of this; my friends and I all agree the new font looks terrible and is weirdly eye strainy. It's difficult to read. The ability to choose our own fonts would be awesome but I'd give anything just for the old font back if nothing else.

  • somnomania 💤

    Adding my voice to this, it's already causing eye strain and I hate it so much. A font that is causing a fair number of people to have eye strain, headaches, and even nausea, is unacceptable. It's a bit better in light mode, but I don't want to use light mode, I'm quite light-sensitive and Discord is one of the few places where I actually can use dark mode because it's a dark grey, not black. Give us the option to pick from a small selection of basic font options (I'd love a serif font). My partner likes this new font though, so I guess keep it as an option, for those who aren't having problems with it.

  • Henry Purrkyll

    The fact they dont want to pay for a font when they're this large of a business is insane, I agree they should have an option to switch between fonts, but they haven't done anything with the android UI even after constant complaints for months that I doubt they'll do anything now, it feels like they've stopped caring about their users and it's upsetting as hell.

  • Tudi20

    If they wanted to gives us the option to differentiate between lowercase L and uppercase I, they should just have used Ubuntu.

  • flufferfish

    They fixed the font displaying non-Latin characters quickly, but have not done anything about it causing physical pain to users. Do they actually care about the user base?

  • SpaceBees

    lol, no they don't.

  • AlejHerrBar2003

    To anyone who demands and implores that Discord returns to Whitney, I'm sorry for being the guy that brings bad insight, but no, it won't be coming back: much like any other company that uses their own in-house fonts, GG Sans was created so that Discord saves some bucks by no longer having to pay Hoefler & Co. for the Whitney font license. This means that if you all want Whitney back on Discord you'll have to pay H&Co. a sum of hundreds of dollars or find a no-cost download somewhere on the Internet, install it with procedures depending on your OS, then Ctrl+Shift+I your way into the devtools and replace "gg sans" with however the Whitney you got is called in the font-primary string, which you'll have to manually change every single time you open Discord or after a refresh.

    And unfortunately, since the mobile versions of Discord use a different engine, there is zero way to change the font to Roboto (Android) or San Francisco (iOS) and you'll have to stick to GG Sans no matter what.

  • Avakining

    AlejHerrBar2003 Then Discord should make gg sans a readable font instead of the migraine-inducing mess they made or *at the very least* give an accessibility option to use the system font. The current font is painful to use and shows that they don't care about accessibility as much as they like to claim.