gg sans causes eye strain


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  • somnomania 💤

    Seconded, I just encountered it for the first time and I loathe it, but you described the effects perfectly.

  • Tudi20

    Yes, this font looks beyond horrible, they should have just used Ubuntu...

  • RT

    not dyslexic, but *i* do have reading difficulties that can be exacerbated by font choices and so on. gg sans is physically painful.

  • Da1

    the characters of the font itself are easy to read and actually very nice but the font itself is kerned incorrectly (spacing between certain letters and characters do not optically match each other), making it harder to read and causing eye strain.

    maybe discord should finish polishing its new fonts before releasing them into the open and hurting everyone's eyes /shrug

  • Horus Boyd

    Agreed. The different letter spacing, the weird ligatures, and the unnecessary extra serifs make the font a lot harder and more confusing to read.

  • FuzzieKiwi

    The new font is harder to read and strains my eyes a lot more.