Centralizing gg sans (new font) complaints


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  • Eny

    Hey, the change to a custom font (gg sans) has probably been made because of licensing costs. Discord must pay an (annual ?) fee to use the Whitney font, while having their custom font only costs them the development of the font. So Discord probably does not have an incentive to reinstate the old font, as it would be double the cost for them.

    Though as a end user, I agree that this change was unnecessary. But I am pretty sure that if Discord did not announce the new font, half of the current complaints would not even exist as a lot of people would have likely never noticed the change lol. It's just a bunch of over reaction imo

  • NickFanboy

    Eny Believe me, it's not an overreaction. The change is *very* noticeable, especially in non-latin characters. Greek (which I use) has broken characters, and I've seen Cyrillic characters not being supported at all. There's also a thread in this same category for Japanese characters.

    And I'm not versed in economics, but I would assume Nitro would be enough to keep the licence going, no? Why downgrade when they have a larger user base than in the past?


  • dogsong

    i doubt it's a cost issue, discord likely just wants a font they have complete control over. but if it is a cost issue, they could solve the cost problem by just using public domain fonts again. the original 2015 font was good and i don't really understand why they even switched to whitney.

    complaining won't change anything. discord is going to ignore criticisms about the font's appearance and bank on users simply getting used it.

    it makes me wonder what happened to discord as a company? i doubt discord would have stonewalled its users like this back in 2015. ironically, we migrated to discord back then precisely because discord listened to us and microsoft didn't. skype lost its userbase because microsoft kept degrading the app, aggressively monetizing, and ultimately ignoring the userbase's growing list of grievances. discord is becoming too soulless these days.

  • Shinju

    I just recently signed up to Nitro but I will cancel my plan if I don't hear about an option to change this font. It hurts my eyes and I can't do the Q__Q face properly now because there's a gap between the underscores. It's a huge bummer for me.

  • revan

    Eny I am literally getting migraines from the font change and many other people who are migraine-prone or dyslexic like I am are reporting the same. Just because you don't experience an accessibility issue doesn't mean everyone who speaks out about it is "overreacting."

  • Korora

    I feel like Discord is changing things for the sake of changing them. This new font is horrid on my best monitor (I don't want to see it on the worst, but I will eventually end up doing so because I need the 1080p monitor for something other than Discord.) It is hard to read, on the computer gives me a migraine, and affects several people on my server who either have astigmatism or dyslexia.

    On my phone the font is readable, but barley so. I've been at my desk for about half an hour this morning and already am developing a headache from the new font (almost all of my time has been spend in Discord.)

    I don't know *who* at Discord approved this font, but that person needs to not be allowed to make decisions any more.

    There have been many UI changes recently that really make me wonder what the road map for Discord looks like, I am beginning to think it's been scribbled on a piece of paper with a crayon.

    Do better Discord, or people will start finding alternatives to the service...

  • lis

    my font changed this morning and almost immediately started giving me a headache. please give us the option to switch back. it is absolutely a huge, noticeable difference for people.