GG Sans is migraine-inducing


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  • Eny

    Hey there, while this is absolutely not a definitive workaround, I suggest you play around with the Font Scaling in the Appearance settings to minimize this blurry effect. 

    Hopefully this helps a little until a better solution can be found.


  • flufferfish

    Hello Eny - I have tried this and others have too, and all of us experiencing the migraines from it still get it, but often worse, with changing the scaling. Currently I'm restricted to the browser version with a extension that automatically changes the font to use Noto Sans instead. Inspect element on the app itself doesn't work, and changes to CSS do not persist across the app when changing servers and channels. I'm familiar with Javascript and CSS, so I'm able to do this, but most people are not.

  • werebear

    As flufferfish said, simply scaling the text does not solve this issue - it simply makes the blurriness larger.

  • Sarah

    agreed, i have often debilitating photosensitive migraines and have appreciated discord in the past for the friendly dark mode and ability to fine tune role colors in servers i moderate, thus making it a relatively safe space for when i'm bedridden with pain or fatigue but still want to get some basic social interaction. this new font is not only increasing my pain and fatigue, but is difficult to read and focus on and is making me extremely nauseous in a way that usually happens with my worst migraines