Buying a non-nitro boost subscription, cancelling the boost subscription


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  • blackwolfwoof

    It goes until your payment is no longer renewed (whenever discord bills) and then i think there is a 3 day grace period for the boost until it goes away.

  • Chucky Sneeds

    Thank you for the reply. Are you discord staff, or did you encounter this situation before?

  • PepsiPlayzz

    Black Wolf is correct on this one.

    The server will stay at 14/14 boosts until your base subscription renews (which you can find in Subscription Settings). After your subscription renews, a 3 day grace period is given to the server.

    What happens when your boost is canceled
    "[...] You’ll have a grace period of 3 days to resubscribe and reapply your Server Boost to the server!."

    How do I cancel my Server Boost:
    "Your boost will be removed from the associated servers and canceled from your subscription at the end of your billing period: [DATE]"

  • Chucky Sneeds

    Thank you!

  • Mmmgrzes

    That's not a suggestion