New Nitro Subscription Option


3 條評論

  • rara

    I want you to know that I'm joining you!

  • Dracken

    I want a 5$ boost version too.

    But I would remove the 2 Free boost, that would make it too "unbalanced", we have to think also a bit with "marketing eyes".

    I wanna use acustom Serverinfo overall, because some servers are Family friendly and then should I make sure to have not my "naughty" text in it, but well... it requires money (thats a bad solution however).

    And yea, emojis, designs (new feature!) And the other customizing stuff would be fine.

    Those who wanna Boost should throw in more money ;)

    (you can btw. boost ALWAYS with extra cash; 1 cost ~5$ so 2 boost for 5$ + features sound unbalanced)

  • Ewen.C

    Well i exactly want that, but just for your "Stadard" version I will give only "1 free boost" (without the 30% off) and add the possibility to stream up to FHD 1080p 60fps max (that's what Nitro Classic gave us, but limited to 50 MB upload and 2 boost with 30% off)

    Why want I to give 1 boost? Because personnaly i didn't used any of my boosts (I am actually in the Classic Nitro but it can't be picked anymore)