Suggestion: Add Ability to buy 10x "Emojy anywhere" or similar


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  • JoyceTaylor

    It sounds like you are suggesting an alternative to the current subscription model for Discord Nitro (Basic) that would allow users to purchase specific features, such as increased emoji or file upload limits, on a per-use basis rather than through a subscription.

    This could be a viable option for users who don't use Nitro frequently enough to justify the cost of a subscription but still want access to certain premium features on occasion. By allowing users to purchase these features in smaller increments, it would be more cost-effective for them and could potentially increase the overall usage and adoption of Nitro.

    However, it's important to consider how this model would impact Discord's revenue and business model. Subscriptions provide a predictable source of income for the company, while a pay-per-use model could be more unpredictable and variable. Additionally, QuickPayPortal could be more difficult to market and sell individual features rather than a bundled subscription.

    Overall, while a pay-per-use model for Nitro features is an interesting idea, it would require careful consideration and analysis to determine its feasibility and impact on both users and the company.