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  • ghuh

    It's doing the same for me for like a day or so now. It keeps randomly lowering user volume from 100 to 50

  • Sloth

    I am also having this issue! It started about 2 or 3 days ago for me. If I am in a server and mute or unmute a stream, it will reset everyone's user volumes to whatever I had them set to when I or they joined in the server voice chat.

    Example: I am in a call with 2 other people right now while one is streaming. One person's volume was set to 43% on my end when they joined the voice call (they were probably yelling the night before so I had them low) and the other person's volume was set to 87% and I could hear them fine. I did not adjust the person at 87%, but I turned up the person at 43% up to 70%. If I mute or unmute the stream that is running, it resets the call participants user volumes back to what they were when they joined the voice call. So the person at 87% did not change since I did not adjust it, but the person I turned up to 70% went back to 43%. I did this over and over again- adjusting user volumes then muting or unmuting the stream, and they kept going back to whatever I had them set to when they joined call!

    Please help! This is extremely annoying!

  • Izzi280

    I seem to also have this problem starting about three days ago or so.

    With me it only effects one single user. Whenever I join a chat with him for the first time that day; his sound has increased to 120%. Every time I decrease him back again to 75% or so, and then sure enough, the next day he's gone back to 120. 

    I don't have this issue with anyone else at all and I spend time with a lot of different people in discord servers so its really weird! 

  • Sloth

    That's strange it only applies to one person! For me, it applies to everyone :(

    I have a friend who was yelling the night the issues started for me. So he's badically at 20% for me at all times since we stream for each other a lot in our servers