Keep the old pleading emoji


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  • Nyxiw

    The new emoji is so ugly man, why they deleted the old? It was perfect :(

  • wife

    I totally agree. The new one looks too detailed and sad/disappointed. The old one could be used even in wholesome situations. Also it was unique to Discord, none other apps have this look for pleading emoji, and that made me prioritize using Discord. There was no need to change something that didn't need the change. Please, Discord, I beg, bring back the old one.

  • CatWarning

    yeah really please, the old one was better 


  • kárel

    I agree, it just doesn't feel like a discord emoji. It's extremely annoying because it's an emoji that I used to use a lot and now that it's changed it just doesn't express the same emotion.

    please bring back the old one *insert old pleading emoji and praying emoji here*

  • DRG

    guys show your friends this vote let them vote because the new pleading emoji really sucks ass

  • Nebula System

    this needs to be changed, the new one is so flat and nearly emotionless, and it expresses so little emotion it feels meaningless. emojis are supposed to express emotions! in full force! not feel like a flat joke of an emotional expression. they need to AT LEAST let us use the old one as like :pleading_emoji_old: or something.

  • eliabeth1

    The "pleading" emoji, also known as the "face with pleading eyes" or "face with puppy dog eyes" emoji, is typically represented as a yellow face with large, pleading eyes and a slightly downturned mouth.먹튀검증사이트 The emoji is commonly used to convey a sense of desperation or pleading, as if the person sending the emoji is begging for something.

  • Magosia0987654321

    Old pleading emoji>>>new pleading emoji. All new emojis are bad.

  • desire was gone?


  • aryan22
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  • Pink Fairy Of Evil

    please bring back the old pleading emoji!

  • eliabeth1

    As an AI language model,  Rivigo I do not have personal preferences regarding emojis. However, it's important to note that emojis are a form of visual communication that can convey emotions and tone in a message. If you feel that the old pleading emoji better represents the tone or emotion you want to convey in your message, then it's perfectly fine to continue using it. Ultimately, the choice of which emoji to use is up to you and how you want to express yourself in your communication.

  • Selinaydogan

    I'm here to give this a bump. Please bring back pleading face emoji :pleading_face: :pensive:

  • pleomorphy

    100% ^ ^ ^
    i know(?) its tied to twemoji but there's so many ppl who dislike the change and have been vocal about it, why not fork it to change back this and the "holding back tears" one too? (i've seen a few other posts on here about that one so i mention it)

  • Selinaydogan

    been a month but life is still miserable without pleading emoji. please bring it back

  • Amaryllion

    Seriously! This one looks like a horror version with insect eyes - or button eyes! Coraline greetings!