I do not want stickers when I try to write an emoji!


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  • iAreNubcake

    The fact that this change was made without a setting to disable it is baffling to me. I don't necessarily think it should be removed entirely, but we should be able to disable it at least. If I want to use a sticker by typing, there's already a keybind for it. I would be pressing that if I wanted it.

    As an addition to have a setting to turn this feature off, it might be good to have the ability to reorder how they show up as suggestions. It would have been far less disruptive if stickers showed up in a new place instead of replacing where emotes were (right next to the textbox). If stickers were moved to the other part of the list or if we could choose the display order, I think that alone would be a huge improvement, but I still do firmly believe we should just be able to disable it.