As an admin to be able to edit other people's messages.


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  • pokesci

    That's a great idea, but that kind of power can be used for many wrong things...

  • MillenniaIFalcon

    Definitely, bjt so can deleting other people's posts, which an admin can already do.
    Denying access to channels can also be abused.
    Not deputing your point here, it is a very valid one for sure.

  • MilkyJoe007

    I would also love to be able to move messages around as an admin. I like to keep my discord organized by topic and when someone posts something in a text channel that isn't appropriate for it but it would be for another I don't want my option to be just delete the post.

  • WinterWarp

    If someone had a great idea, but broke a rule in the middle of it (swearing, making fun of people, etc.), then it would be nice to edit that part out, but keep the good idea. Definetly a dangerous permission, we don't want everyone supposedly saying that their butts look like pizzas, but a good idea nonetheless

  • MillenniaIFalcon

    I'm going off of the assumption that mods and or admins are good and honest people here. And most of the time they are in my experience.

    Also, there's a log of messages send. There csn be a log of messages edited right? And by who it was done?