Security, Privacy, and Microsoft


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  • Arranok

    i can only agree with Ortia

    First thing i was thinking about after reading that message .. was .. oh yeah .. next thing to drop.

    We living in a time where every good thing is buyed by ****** and after that it goes all bad.


  • nukeguard

    Completely agree, Microsoft is NOT for privacy, nor would their buyout help discord. Despite making billions on the sale, it would be a detriment to the thousands of communities on this epic app. If this does go through, please dont merge accounts, I prefer separate accounts and I don't use ms login.

  • Arlothia

    I second this! Please don't do it! As so many other people have said on other feedbacks, Microsoft can ruin any app and they'll most likely monetize everything so the userbase will TANK. They just want you for your userbase. There's a reason your user numbers doubled last year! It's because they love Discord just as it is. It's SUCH a fabulous resource that's not tied to the other big companies. Don't increase their monopolies and keep Discord as the safe and reliable resource it is or I promise you, your users WILL go and find somewhere else and the sale would have been for nothing. You've worked so hard on all of this. Don't let it go to waste. Please!!

  • フΣИI͛ꊼ

    Dear Patrons of Discord,

                 I believe that it is in everyone's best interests that we petition to bring attention to Discord the implications and negative impact on the Company & it's Customer Base if Microsoft Acquired Discord:
    A little about my self
    I am a business man that ran a Data Forensics and Computer tech services in Indiana for an number of years, I am 37 and over the course of the last 10 years Microsoft acquired Skype back in 2011

    After this within a year Microsoft changed Skype dramatically seeing changes as much as Ads in the API and within the GUI within Skype Client, we started seeing reduce support for platforms versions that was older and we started seeing ads all around the borders and in random windows, even to the point of getting Direct Messages from the ADs API server, not to mention we had to deal with forced updates or a DOSR (Denial of Service Response) was given to the end user who attempted to sign in with an out dated version; the reason why millions of users dragged out and waited as long as possible to update was because of the implementation of ads to keep their services free. 

    Microsoft is now an Ad based company that specializes in advertising - how do we know?
    Lets take a look at an example here:

    You can see that in the latest Windows Version 10 you are assigned an Advert ID when you create an account to use windows. Some of this ads issues has been circumvented slightly by the use of External scripts that hack Skype (the illegal unsafe way) or by using a hosts file and other hings, but that is not entirely fool proof as the Operating system it self is the primary template creator for group policies and other settings that are created upon initial installation of the Windows Operating System environment.

    Within the templates and policy the System and other essential accounting controls and Operating system environment controls deals with COMs and other services that are universally Administrative and has total access controls to permissions like Read, Write, Access, Delete, Copy, Edit etc. Any file within its own environment by instruction of Microsoft schedules and services that connect to the master servers of Microsoft's database offline and online.


    The Hive would become so vastly cluttered that the OS would slow down, take more data to operate and force updates and suggest and shove apps down your throat.

    Not to mention they have made Windows 10 for those whom are PC illiterate and Decided that all of us should not be allowed to deal with updates and management of the operating system but rather they should. So forced updates became a thing through out the entire Microsoft API systems.

    Because of this new way of business and not listening to its customers a lot of the customer base became unsatisfied with the sheer ignorance and and lack of respect for its users/customers especially the paying customers. Thus people like me as well as my gaming communities, social communities and other business communities pulled out of Skype because the Service became so burden some that we spent nearly half the time dealing with fixing Skype issues & other software from Microsoft than actually getting work done - example:

    • When I do data recovery for a client or my self - these data jobs take anywhere from a hour to 4 hours depending on the size of the drive, Because windows knows what is best for me (aka Microsoft knows whats best) I have lost hours of work because of forced update restarts despite programs being in the background working or even being on the foreground still open and processing the work I executed the program to do so .


    They say that Microsoft has done all these changes to better the community and make ease of use merely available to those whom don't want to worry about controlling their own operating system and the device that the OS resides on. 

    While this may be a great comfort to some; you have to sacrifice privacy, and stability and in the end all this does is slows down your ability to be able to work, play and build. 


    As a data forensics specialist, I have been in business for over 10 years, PCER L.L.C was erected in the state of Indiana in 2008. And over the course of a decade up till now, many of our clients has complained of how their computer systems don't behave how they want it to.


    They end up with data mining issues and their own privacy is sold to other companies and third parties, all our Skype business accounts and services where officially shut down due to multiple issues of trying to work with Skype and do remote services.

    We have also had issues with data loss in the cloud and also on cache in servers and other devices because of these new changes that Microsoft brought to Skype - the Wold Gaming Federation as well as Dragon Eye Productions team which is a software gaming company founded out in Texas even abandoned a lot of Microsoft's services because of these horrible drastic changes like the following:

    If you look here in the Verge it mentions what happened to Skype after Microsoft acquired it - it talks about how Microsoft failed with Skype and there is good reason why it failed, it's because Skype sold it's entire user base and their information all over to Microsoft. We all got sold out in the end and thus people started looking for alternatives - it looks like this might be happening again 


    I will be possibly going with Teamspeak and other Discord a look alike alternative apps to possibly replace Discord in the future - If Microsoft acquires Discord I will be canceling all my discord Bot API server subscriptions, migrating to new and better services and shutting down the servers, canceling all subscriptions to the developers working within those servers, including Discord Account (Nitro) subscriptions.

    There is another reason why Microsoft wants to buy out discord - they want to buy our information that is what and if Discord sells the company to Microsoft, Discord would be going against their own Policies - they would be going against the very foundation of what Discord stands for, they would be selling out all their users to Microsoft and Microsoft wants to do this to buy our information so they can target us close with ads - this not fair marketing and it will hurt discord, in all honesty this is no different  then a group of individuals whom purchase all the hardware for computers like graphics cards and hard drives from the manufacture or the retailers in bulk then selling it online for a higher price on Ebay or Amazon thus price gouging the entire system and thus forcing the world wide community to pay a higher dollar thus enacting in Arbitrage

    I have decided to look over the current privacy policy which has been archived and backed up for legal and investment purposes as well as not limited to: Public interests, and Public Affairs. 


    It states here: that in the event of a business transfer your data can be transferred, but you can clearly see in their own words that they have no interest in selling our information in such a fashion and that they take into account the respect of this 'proclaimed objective' of the most upmost best interests of the company thus claiming to relate to the importance of their customers whom utilize their services for every day life and then list exceptions to the matter, thus they are indirectly stating that they are still considering in doing this with our information, and defeats the whole purpose of even making such a statement - so the golden question of the day is:

    • Discord - Why would the discord team do such an act when they 'claim' that it is not in their interest to do such, yet there are listed excluded actions to do such a thing that all users (Unless opted-in ) do not want {The passing down of 'our' information via sales) - These are just excuses to go against their own mission statement that was set forth here in the policy, a policy that was founded by the FOUNDER(S) of Discord it self that created such a vast community engaging program that allows such freedom of speech & to engage with businesses, participate with families, friends, and to engage in community activities online; whether it's participating in the next cooking show, or a political campaign.

    I Joined Discord because of the overall appeal and functionality that is available to the end user in any life aspect - Discord has become a part of my life and it has even opened the doorway for my self as a community representative to expand services to the general public, even opened the doors for positive dynamic on a personal level and thus enabling me to better connect with my fiance~.

    I have major responsibilities and duties to the people as the Trusted Co Director/Leader The Blood Pact & & CEO of Absolute Zero Productions, a Community gaming species creator of  The Prizimix, &The Umo and connects to a network that spans users in the thousands in a ever growing community. This also allowed Dragon Eye Production Community members to migrate to a better commutative system since the major shut down of the Art Market and the Alt Market for Furcadia.

    I am also a Property Manager and Rental consultant for our family company in our local town, and my father and mother specialize in the business of including & not limited to: Real estate investments, the sales and purchases of such property & assets In association with Premier Realty Services of the State of Minnesota & the management of such properties to encourage asset growth & increase in value of such assets & better the community.

    • We have been willing to invest into better communicative systems that allows us to freely communicate with out the advertisement bulk and extra API bulk that is on social sites for business like Facebook market place.
    • We are looking for better cleaner, fresher alternative(s) that are simple and straight forward to engage with on such systems and discord fit the bill; we are now starting to do business on discord and such business spans in the hundreds of thousands - Our Net worth in assets spans over 2.5 million.
    • Discord investments: We had thought of even investing in Discord stock with the initial investment of 10k.

    Here is Discord's financial portfolio:


    While the pandemic has cut down finances across the board globally, this is to be expected after a huge lock-down, but you can bet that those assets would increase once commerce, stock and trade picks up after Covid-19 eases off.

    Finally, Please read this report: 

    Jason Citron, Stanislav Vishnevskiy, the company has seen financial steady growth, as well as the global community has grown, there fore I implore the Team Discord to reconsider the selling Discord Assets & the people's assets to a third party especially to Microsoft, or I will take my investment(s) & business elsewhere as many others would follow suit.


                              Kai Lee ~ Mgt - Oman Rentals, Former Founder of PCER L.L.C

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