Don't sell to Microsoft.


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  • Krag

    Last thing I need is some major corporation I have problems with already buying up one of the very few software companies I am actually hopeful for. We have seen this time and time again where entire swaths of established fans get screwed over after a major purchase. Activision and Blizzard anyone? EA and Westwood? You guys deal with the gaming industry very closely. You are well aware of how the only people who get screwed over are the fans of the company getting bought out. Even going public is a potential problem though, as CEOs and owners have been kicked out of their own company by a board.

    Establishing partnerships is fine, in my opinion. But try to make a decision that isn't going to screw over users and fans of your platform. With the internet having increasingly less options for people to speak and post freely (within legality), having big tech absorb any and all competition is a dreadfully dangerous reality that selling to a large corporation would amplify.

  • I subscribed to nitro support Discord as well! Microsoft purchased skype at the height of its usage(I was a loyal user as well) and sat on it making no improvements until it became unusable and I switched to Discord! If Microsoft couldn't take care of Skype they definitely don't deserve Discord.

  • Arlothia

    I second this! Please don't do it! As so many other people have said on other feedbacks, Microsoft can ruin any app and they'll most likely monetize everything so the userbase will TANK. They just want you for your userbase. There's a reason your user numbers doubled last year! It's because they love Discord just as it is. It's SUCH a fabulous resource that's not tied to the other big companies. Don't increase their monopolies and keep Discord as the safe and reliable resource it is or I promise you, your users WILL go and find somewhere else and the sale would have been for nothing. You've worked so hard on all of this. Don't let it go to waste. Please!!

  • Imoriarty96

    Do not sell to MS. I choose discord because it was its own company. 

  • Matias Lavik

    If this happens, I won't be using Discord any more for sure, and I won't be the only one. I have several friends who say they will be leaving as well.

  • dir_loeffelholz

    Dear Mr Hammer & Chisel,

    we love your program. In a world of Zuckerbergs und Bill Gates, your success is phenomenal. You have become a David. Please don't sell your work to Microsoft. By the way, they haven't been successful with a lot of their acquisitions. In the meantime Bill Gates has become the biggest "farmer" in the USA... Don't make him richer! Best regards Karl