Please don't let Microsoft buy discord


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  • Arlothia

    I second this! Please don't do it! As so many other people have said on other feedbacks, Microsoft can ruin any app and they'll most likely monetize everything so the userbase will TANK. They just want you for your userbase. There's a reason your user numbers doubled last year! It's because they love Discord just as it is. It's SUCH a fabulous resource that's not tied to the other big companies. Don't increase their monopolies and keep Discord as the safe and reliable resource it is or I promise you, your users WILL go and find somewhere else and the sale would have been for nothing. You've worked so hard on all of this. Don't let it go to waste. Please!!

  • Inanis

    As a big user and bot developer of discord, and a forced user of Microsoft, I practically beg Discord not to make a deal with Microsoft.

    In my opinion Microsoft has a way of making things more complicated, less aesthetically pleasing, and entirely proprietary. I think I speak for most discord users when I say Discord is one of the biggest and best communities I'm a part of. Bot the users and the developers!

    If Discord goes ahead with the deal, you will have lost me and many other users.