Please don’t sell to Microsoft


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  • Cucumbers

    I could not agree more. As a Linux user who depends on Discord, I fear I may be forced to switch to a inferior platform due to Microsoft's acquisition because they may end support, or simply ruin it by integrating it into their terribly ecosystem. (I think this because they'd probably bundle the app as a UWP app for support on Xbox, and restrict its download to Microsoft store for desktop devices.)

    Selling to Microsoft would ultimately lead to culture change. Discord has been defined by its culture, partly as a startup. You don't have to watch but a few of their YouTube videos to tell Discord likes to be fun. Well they can be unprofessional at inappropriate times, I think discord has a very healthy reputation of being a good service and good company. The environment of Discord as a community, while it is somewhat hurt by being simply on the internet and the basic nature of the app which they attempt to control, is a solid welcoming space for gamers and people as a whole. I fear Discord as a platform would comprise more of rampant immaturity (yes, discord has that, but in places where people are fine with that) if Microsoft were to integrate it into its gaming ecosystem.

    Throughout the pandemic, Discord has been my outlet and way to stay connected. I'm sure I earn Discord lots of money relatively, and I'm fine to do that. Don't throw it away for Microsoft.

  • zeadlots

    Don't let microsoft RUIN discord.  Stay strong and don't sell.

  • Arlothia

    I second this! Please don't do it! As so many other people have said on other feedbacks, Microsoft can ruin any app and they'll most likely monetize everything so the userbase will TANK. They just want you for your userbase. There's a reason your user numbers doubled last year! It's because they love Discord just as it is. It's SUCH a fabulous resource that's not tied to the other big companies. Don't increase their monopolies and keep Discord as the safe and reliable resource it is or I promise you, your users WILL go and find somewhere else and the sale would have been for nothing. You've worked so hard on all of this. Don't let it go to waste. Please!!