Return to message reply after jumping from reply to original message


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  • meggi

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  • hhamzaa

    This is already a thing should show up above the text bar jump to original message

  • Ad//

    The jump up to the original message doesn't help when you are trying to follow a conversation as there is no way back.

    It would be better to have an option whereby you can set replies to be next to / grouped with the post you are replying to.

    We were looking at moving a few facebook groups over to discord, but honestly this jumping about for replies is a bit of a deal breaker.

  • Leyn

    Indeed. We need a jump to reply/replies and also a thread view on the side-bar to see messages replying to the same original post.

    It seems that Discord uses an n-to-n relationship on replies, without transitivity: namely you can have multiple replies to one post, or a reply to a reply, but posts without direct relationship are not linked.

    I guess that grouping all replies, and chain of replies together will allow to define post groups, and therefore a thread view. I found this very useful in Slack and Mattermost, which I would still recommend for professional environments. But many fine communities are already on Discord and on those huge groups, it's common to get a reply after 100 other posts even if it's on the next day; making it crucial to be able to navigate back-and-forth, and/or see both question and reply at the same time.

  • Lushi Lish

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