Feedback site has a fundamental flaw


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  • Kazuma Taichi

    Especially on desktop since I would expect the program to be pulling from system time anyway, wherein I have mine set to 24 hour

  • Nebula System

    i agree with this, this needs to be a thing, and if the forum moderators think that an issue is closed, they should add a reason, that way people know why it was closed, namely anyone who follows said post, so issues that are actually closed and resolved aren't re-opened by the community. they should also have the person who re-opens it give a reason as well, this way things will be a little more transparent. also, original posters of things on this forum, so in this case, Felice, should be able to pin things to the top of their post, so if someone re-opens this issue later on, or a dev comments saying that this has been resolved, and explains how to fix this time feature, then Felice can pin that to the top of the post, so then things can be more easily found, so if it is resolved, and is closed, the resolution isn't buried 200 lines of text down the page, but is instead right at the top of the post comment list.

  • Кхео

    No one is perfect. Some people get stuff wrong.

    So why haven't they added that feature yet?

  • TheTaraStark

    Time and date formatting should reflect system settings by default. If you want to add a toggle to choose formatting that goes against that, I’m all for it (I know plenty of ppl who use 12hr in daily life and 24hr on Discord exclusively), but there needs to be an option to match the system.

  • aliengeo

    I get that not every suggestion can be addressed. If someone thinks Discord should add, idk, VR mode or something and the devs don't have resources for that, then of course dupes of that should be closed without implementing the feature (with an explanation of why).

    But with this system, the following can happen:

    1. Alice asks for a new feature that is within Discord's power to implement.
    2. Mod 1 misinterprets what Alice is asking for and marks it already implemented or not fixable. (Or, in the case of the 24H question, gives a kludgey and unintuitive workaround
    3. Bob asks for the same thing as Alice.
    4. Mod 2 looks for other requests on the topic and finds Alice's request marked as resolved.
    5. Mod 2 marks Bob's request a duplicate of Alice's.
    6. Chris asks for the same thing as Bob and Alice.
    7. Repeat ad nauseam.

    And the problem never actually gets resolved.

  • davo

    Thankyou for bring this up, great point
    Still waiting on the language and time format thing you mentioned

  • Aria

    Discord doesn't care. They can't be bothered to even approved comments.

  • Aria

    Six months, no answers. Discord doesn't care. What are you going to do about it? Run off to some other "alt" service ran by bigots? Go to mastodon and leave all your friends who you've known for years? Discord knows this, and they know they can get away with anything they damn well please. If you can't deal with it... tough

  • MozarteanChaos

    aria, do you remember what happened to skype?

  • Aria

    Well hopefully this service will die someday and I can have new friends. They're really the only ones keeping me sane at this point.