Nitro should be able to boost group chats


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  • AugustPeople

    Hey there! I believe that Boosting a group chat is not really something that should be added. Boosting a server was made to "boost" a community and give it specific perks, such as more emojis, custom invite background and etc. A group chat is only a simple chat, with up to 10 people, which are able to group call and chat at the same time, and therefore have many differences with servers. 

    I hope that this helps. :)

  • i get what you mean but i dont think theyll add it, well because its kinda useless. i dont see any good perk ideas yknow

  • Błizzard

    Hello, my name is Ana and I am here to assist you.

    Sadly, we will not add a boost for group chats.

    Have a great day.