Server Boosts as a Monetary Subscription Model


2 條評論

  • Zynkie

    Wait so discord can basically be a streaming service (like twitch) with this idea, how would this affect the free nitros that people can get tho? I've seen alot of people getting free nitros and maybe that can break discord's economy if they find out a way of getting free nitros and giving their own server a shit ton of boosts to gain money.

  • Cade

    All Nitro codes require payment for the generated code to be registered as valid.  If Nitro is ever somehow exploited to be truly free that is the problem of a separate system altogether and is outside of the scope of this proposal.  If the current Nitro system has this problem then the economic negatives are more strongly suffered by Discord without this proposal as all of the current revenue from it is received by Discord.