Revert new reaction and @ bolding


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  • ._.

    It's terrible

  • Lightprod

    Enough with the corporate design bullshit. You have removed what make it Discord, now it look like yet another souless corporate app:

    • Blurple color?


    • Ping mention?

    UNREADABLE, thanks to it having the same color as the text!

    • Reaction emotes?

    Distracting as hell and some are now unsable thanks to the dark background!


    Undo this or make it optional.

    Nobody wanted this
    You guys are the only one that want to go on a Childish and unprofessional design. Even though Minors under 13 are not allowed on the platform.

    I'm an early Nitro adopter and now I will consider canceling my three year long Nitro sub if those change are not toggelable or removed




  • RazorTyph

    remove this hideous shit as fast as possible, please

  • Worthy

    Bro i thought this was a glitch bc its so ugly

  • Riley Jay [they/he]

    Please please please revert this change... It looks so hideous and distracting, I hate it. And it's not only me, everyone I've talked to about it thinks the same. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

  • Rhythm

    Here to join in on the much deserved discord dog pile. Terrible UI changes.

  • A Person

    Speaking of colorblind people, here's a separate feedback post elaborating on why this is terrible for accessibility: 

  • Harhar

    I actually think the new reactions look really nice and are an improvement, maybe not a necessary one but it still looks better in my opinion, but the new mentions and the new green are so awful. I hate the new green so much. For an app that's supposed to look pleasing and nice on the eyes, the old green was so soft and such an aesthetically pleasing color to look at. The new one is so dark and vivid and just doesn't match up with profile pictures as people are talking or as the online status. Please Discord, change the pings and colors back. If it's really necessary to make it more visible with colorblind people, there should be the option to change this in accessibility settings.

    Also my mic didn't echo in calls before, but now it does in the new update.

  • Riley Jay [they/he]

    I've cancelled my nitro subscription and will only subscribe again if the changes are reverted. Many of my friends have done the same. So revert these changes, no one asked for them, everyone hates them, and they hurt colorblind people, or you won't get any more money from us.

  • Snek

    Adding my voice to this, it's absolutely worse in every way. What is the benefit to the reaction border? The mention colouring? 

    Roll these aspects back, it's not working.

  • Portal2ben

    I thought the text block highlighting was bad but this is on a whole other level, change it back now

  • Phocks

    I hate it change it back

  • LuftySK

    I actually like it a lot and I dont see anything wrong with it. Lovely redesign!

  • Leet

    Full agreement, old color and style was better.

  • DaTrap

    this ui update is so bad its unreal

  • revert pls, i can barely see when i mention @everyone

  • Ceci

    This is not ok. There was nothing wrong with the design before. Why would they change it? It was perfectly fine before. Why change something when there's nothing wrong with it? The box around the reaction's just add more visual clutter and are not pleasing.

     I would like to see a change.

    They also changed the green color into a darker less pastel color. It is not very nice. This needs a change.

  • Remina

    Gross, bad, change. Or let us choose. 

  • shawn-p-m

    Yes please revert. A regression for sure!

  • Tex

    So I like the new border on reactions, but PLEASE revert the mentions ping. It's so hard to read now.

  • moffball

    signed in just to comment on this. i personally dont like anything about the rebrand. the icon and font change on the logo is so much less creative and all the app changes are worse. revert please!

  • KeK

    please revert, I cant stand these new changes.

  • whamer100

    discord, please stop ruining yourself

  • codertommy

    It just looks... weird. Poorly designed, that's for sure.

  • LiQiye

    Yeah, I even noticed from a beta user that this is how their icon on android looks like now:

    Like Seriously, WHY?!

  • Eiko

    I don't get it. Did they change to white to make it easier to read? But then they thought "oh, if we make it white, then it won't stand out," so they made a border around them? It's like in order to "solve" a problem, they just created the same "problem" over again in a different way, then solved it again to worse effect. Just make a toggle for "mentions are role color" in accessibility settings, you don't need to mandate this backward change for everyone when I'm sure there aren't too many people going "I wish my mention were more monochrome."

  • Guest


  • Phantavius

    Discord has become the destroyer of itself.

  • Awst3nby

    Revert! The! UI!

    Seriously, what the hell is this-

  • I forgot to mention the new discord logo looks like an old, old early unfinished version of the logo we all love.

    I mean everything in this update is bad, did their servers burn and they had to restore a backup from 2015?