Stickers going to Nitro


4 條評論

  • boom

    Stickers will act the same as emotes, servers will be able to upload their own and you'll be able to use those stickers for those servers. People with nitro will be able to use those stickers in any server which allows it

  • nice carrot plant

    Discord already limits custom emoji usage to servers. This is a shameless, selfish move to push people to buy Nitro.

  • XBX (XbooX)

    I have 2-3 packs and im not sure if the last one i got was in the last 30 days. We should get a free month of nitro for each sticker pack we paid for. That wont cost you much and at least we would have something to keep for the money we spent.

  • Spring Heart

    Stickers are like paid gifs. I was very happy to pay for them... and I'd like to keep them :/