Alternative Idea for Stickers being Nitro only


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  • LovePsycho

    Agree! The set up they had during Beta worked very well I thought; Nitro members get a few exclusive sticker packs and a discount on the other stick packs. That alone was clever; ordinary users who can't afford Nitro can still pay up around $2 a month for a new sticker pack. If they go back to alternating and changing what is available monthly, that provides a means to encourage people to buy. If even half of the non-Nitro users bought a pack of stickers a month that would be a lot of money. I don't get why Discord would focus on Nitro when having something like this being part and parcel of the standard set up sounds more sensible.

  • technicalleigh

    Agree with both of you!  :)

    There’s a concept called “price discrimination” where a business sells things at different prices depending on who they’re selling it to. This can be either good or bad, depending on how it’s done, but the most common good way is coupon clipping. People who want brand name cookies or soap or something but can’t afford them can go to the trouble of looking for a coupon to get them for a lower price, but people with more disposable income usually don’t want to go to that trouble so they just pay regular price.

    Discord Stickers could be the same way. Those of us who either can’t afford or don’t want Nitro can pay for the particular stickers we want, while those with extra disposable income can just subscribe to Nitro to get all the stickers without having to go through any extra steps. That way you’d get the money you can from all users, not just the ones with more to spare.

    Sure, make the experience easier and better for people who pay for Nitro, nothing wrong with that. But don’t take stickers completely away from the rest of us!

  • LovePsycho

    To elaborate on my previous comment and add to the one above by technicalleigh, with a sticker shop set up for ordinary users and server stickers that's two ways to encourage purchase to get stickers by even non-Nitro users; server stickers through server boosts while the sticker shop is direct payment. This means, if Discord goes back to alternating what stickers are available monthly, semi-regular small payments from all users that can add up quickly.

    And for Nitro there are now possibilities for four new reasons to encourage those with the income to buy it: all shop stickers free (or at a discount, like how the Beta had it), a few exclusive Nitro only stickers, the ability to use server stickers outside of the servers (like emojis), and custom stickers. That's enough to encourage certain people to get Nitro without needing to make stickers exclusive to Nitro.