100 $ for 1 Year Nitro!?


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  • Green Tea

    Don't buy nitro, you're supporting a horrible company when you give them your money

  • a wild cleo has appeared

    $100 for a year is actually pretty fair considering nitro is $10. A year is 12 months, so if you bought it each month keeping a monthly subscription it'd be $120 a year. If anything they should lower nitro prices, but yk- they gotta make money somehow.

  • weewah

    Classic nitro would be 50$. You'd get a discount on boosts. I recommend just using classic even if you have fewer perks.

  • +MyerZ-

     Its my own fault for not looking into it first, but IT IS, a little whack to have purchased a web cam with certain capabilities only to find out I can't even use them on the most popular communication platform unless I pay extra per month.. *sad trombone* 10/monthly seems a little tall. "..bUt AtLeAsT i GeT mOrE eMoJiS"