Blocked Messages


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  • PenQuinnFrog

    When you block someone, you're saying you don't want to see their messages. This is how it should have been from the beginning, and hundreds of people have been asking for a real block feature for years. 

  • Creeper

    you can also choose to just… not click the blocked message? Like what lmao, this should be reverted or at least a toggle, it is incredibly stupid 💀

  • PenQuinnFrog

    lmao and you can just like. Not block everyone. For over five years, people have been asking for a proper blocking feature.

  • Tyrgils

    I think then we also need to consider a degree of granularity between blocking and filtering. For example, there is someone on one of my servers I don't want to block, I just generally don't want to see his messages because their method of writing is irritating. It doesn't mean I never want to interact with them, just means I want to be able when I do and do not want to see what they right.

    I agree that a full block system is good, but by the same token the current functionality has its uses.

  • Brumbpo

    If you keep opening the messages, why are you blocking in the first place?

  • Creeper

    blocking someone because they dmed annoying shit but still interested to see what they're saying in servers sometimes 

  • mayomayo72218

    This is a delay from the customer care and support department, I hope they will fix this situation soon!

  • Pink Neptunes

    I'm in an all-ages server for a fandom with multiple iterations. I tend to block the minors. I would like to be able to open blocked messages when they're talking about something related to the fandom. Their conversations about school, how they have no money, or how their parent let them stay up late? I'm very much not interested in.