Don't default the custom status to "Chilling tbh" when joining a voice channel


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  • tommy2010

    Discord this needs to have the option to disable this. Few may like it, most will think its annoying and pointless and adds to more clutter that isnt needed. Its irritating and i would like to be able to remove it please

  • Mujoe

    This is the worst idea, and a violation of my privacy since people outside the server can see my status change as soon as I join a voice chat. There are people I don't mind seeing my status, but I don't need them to know the instant I start chatting in voice somewhere. This is similar to the problem I have with the mobile indicator – I don't need people to know I'm at home or out.

    But Discord is proving day by day that they don't care about giving us control over our privacy or even safety.

  • thislooksfun

    Mujoe It's actually fine. I was worried about that as well, and was going to include it in my original post, but after some testing with a friend that status is only visible to people who also have access to join the voice channel you are in (i.e. only people who can already see that you're in a voice channel), so it's not actually a privacy problem.

  • tommy2010

    I just dont want it there and dont want to have to change it everytime i join my server voice channel 


  • Jayd243

    That's not true. I had a friend message me yesterday linking to a screenshot of my “hang status” and asking me what it was. I was in the voice channel of a server that person was NOT in.

  • Jhall1430

    Privacy concerns aside, the decision to implement this new “experimental feature” (as Discord support refers to it as) without the ability to 

    A) disable the feature entirely

    B) configure it to not set a status upon joining a VC

    is an incredibly poor UX decision.

    Don't get me wrong, I absolutely understand the use in this feature to signal when you're away, and can see myself using it for those purposes. Why on earth does Discord think that having a VC full of people that are all “Chilling TBH” is a good idea?

  • Jason_Fantastic

    For the love of God please delete this ridiculous custom status thing. “Chilling tbh” is not something I would ever set as my status and I don't have any desire to have it set as my status on every server I'm in just because I joined a voice channel in one of them. Why does Discord not just remember the setting of no status every time I join a voice channel? How is that not the most sane default setting to have it set to no status? I literally want to throw up each time I go in a voice channel and see this Chilling tbh status. 

  • Toba da'Great

    Please add an option to disable this option or to override the default status.

  • Tiky

    This is absolutely ridiculous, this is just some “let's add some engagement”-business kind of thinking.  To make this on by default and not just the first time and *without an option to disable it*, is an horrible choice.

  • Plasma280

    I upvoted to have this feature changed / removed / disabled.

  • Tiky

    Just received a message from a friend asking about my “Hang Status”, so there's also the concern that friends see this as clutter as well.

  • NeoHummel

    I figured out a somewhat workaround, created a “Custom Activity” with no emoji, and the status as “  " (Braille Pattern Blank Unicode character).

    Now I have an automatic activity without any emoji and any text, unfortunately I still get the “Custom Activity” Icon underneath my name in the server member list.

  • bobby

    Seconded, this is an insane thing to force on everyone, I don't want everyone in every server I'm in to know anytime I'm in a voice call, it's an unbelievable invasion of privacy

    I'm so sick of companies doing this, how hard is it to make weird new features optional, not everyone wants to be “chilling tbh”

  • Tiky

    Wow. An option to turn it on or off?! That'd be amazing.

  • Jimi Hunt

    Nth-ing a request to have an option to disable this entirely, its pointless and just causes clutter.

  • Skarrum

    If discord could not have a challenge to themselves to make the ux worse every update that would be fantastic. 

  • t3hsquirr3l

    I also would love the option to disable this feature.
    I don't mind that it exists, but it should not be on by default, and it should be made clear to the user that it displays your channel location before you turn it on.

    And come on, it can't even be customized, it just forces a little of Discord's “personality” on to you in a way that just feels kind of gross. Like, don't put words in my mouth alright?

  • jklbutterfly

    It's a huge invasion of privacy that friends can see I am in a VC in a server they do not have access to. I don't want people to know when I'm on a call, or when I'm “Chillin tbh” or anything! They don't need to know and it does not need to be broadcasted.

  • The Masked Gamer!

    The new "status" feature, as its currently implemented, is immensely frustrating and feels like a violation of my autonomy and privacy. There's no way to turn it off, it lists my current location to people without my permission, it "puts words in my mouth" without my ability to prevent it (I would literally *never* say "chilling tbh", its horribly cringy).

    ==> Give us a way to permanently turn this feature off. <==

    (And, for that matter, all new features should come with a way to turn them off out-of-the-box. If you're worried that everyone will just turn the new feature off, maybe you should take that as a hint, Discord?)

  • Sleepy

    100%. Let us turn it off on a server level, and make it opt-in by server admins. Everybody hates this.


    It's clutter. It's cringe. And frankly speaks very embarrassingly of management that they signed off on this. Demonstrates extremely poor UI/UX grasp and a strong misalignment between the branded image and their user base.

  • Alej

    Joining the gang here, kill it with with fire, please.

    Stop, please JUST STOP, shoving stuff that nobody ever asked for and by default to boot. It's starting to get that Adobe and MS Office vibe side of things, shuffling and adding useless stuff, bloating it and making it more difficult to use for absolutely no reason.

    Maybe you meant well? ok, no problem, undo it. Thanks.

  • Tiky

    That's the big problem behind all this.  Always adding more bloat to a software until it become the new Facebook or MS Office.  This should just not happen, you can already set custom status. Why not integrate something similar into it, something opt-in to show you people to hop in with you in VC or something.

    The most infuriating is that at the top of this very site there's a “Delayed Responses from our Support Team due to the Holiday Season”;  What a good time to deploy useless features in production.

  • Hfleder

    Agreed. Please provide option to disable, or default to a custom status. 

  • Plasma280

    It seems that our feedback worked.  It has been removed.  Thank you for giving feedback everyone.  Also Thank You Discord for listening to our feedback.  Very much appreciated!

  • Nguyen Trung

    Discord should provide the option to disable this feature. While some users may find it enjoyable, the majority consider it unnecessary and burdensome, adding to the clutter. It's frustrating, and I'd appreciate the ability to opt out of it.

  • Plasma280

    It seems like I will have to retract the thank you message I posted before.  The ACTIVITY STATUS is back again!

    Why do we have to see it while hovering over a user's name in a voice channel?  The user names are already in the right hand column where we can click to see more detail.  It is extremely distracting when you want to go mute someone and all this pops up and you miss click and it does things you didn't expect.  I agree with the above user that its ads clutter and it’s frustrating.  STOP the BETA or give us the option to completely disable this feature please.

  • The Dashing Hooligan

    im still totally for this feature if they stop me having to remove it every time i change channel or login. just default it to blank or whatever i was doing last, because “chilling tbh” doesnt match what i'm up to.

    replacing channel statuses also sucks. we use the channel status regularly to show tabletops etc that we're playing. and i don't think it should be everyone's task to use this individual system to demonstrate that.

  • Alex

    Absolutely despise when some new feature gets rolled out like this and it's just an annoyance with no way to turn it off. When someone is streaming and you try to hover over to click ‘Watch stream’ you instead hover over their activity status and literally have to finesse through the cracks to get to the button. Why do companies always do this? Please give us the option to turn this clutter off.

  • CJ


    I am on a server on Discord. I see a handful of member in a chat channel using the “I'm Chilling' feature beside their handle/screen name.   When I am on that particular server, how do I get this feature to show up for me? Someone told me on that server that it is automatic.  However; I have seen with one person on that server (the image) changed to a different kind … but still with the words ”I'm Chilling" and giving people the option to join.   Any feedback is appreciated.

  • The Masked Gamer!

    Discord, stop it with this stupid shit. NO ONE WANTS IT EXCEPT YOU.
    Everyone in this channel I'm in right now has a stupid icon next to them that says Chilling. None of us are “Chilling”, we're all here for a reason we just don't have time for your nonsense. Cut it out.

    Look, I shouldn't need to come back on here every three months to tell you *again* that the idea everyone hated three months ago is (checks notes) yup, still a bad idea.

    With how hard you make it to sign in to this site, you should consider the amount of response here an absolutely huge backlash.