Discord wants to force account name changes! THIS IS WAR!


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  • No Text To Speech

    It aint that deep dawg.

  • Brume d'Automne

    mdrrr je suis mort

  • Tikepo

    Further breaking their already broken support system will just make users curse you because legitimate reports get ignored and people caught up in false discipline can't effectively appeal. 

    As for the name change they are bigots that hate non-English speakers. Any platform that had  solved the (very challenging ) different alphabets issue and then goes out of their way to remove the solution is a bigot. 

  • Jennifer

    It sounds like you're upset about a proposed change by Discord. However, it's important to approach the situation calmly and rationally. Before declaring "war," consider understanding the reasons behind the change and evaluating its potential impact.

    Here are a few steps you might consider:

    Research: Look into the reasons why Discord wants to enforce account name changes. Understanding their rationale might help you see the issue from their perspective. Liteblue

    Communication: Reach out to Discord support or community managers to express your concerns. Constructive feedback can sometimes lead to reconsideration or compromise.

    Community Action: If you feel strongly about this issue, consider rallying support from other Discord users who share your concerns. This could involve creating petitions, organizing discussions, or even contacting Discord directly.