Add OAUTH Specific Guild Membership Check


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  • Florence Gayhart


    I agree with your concerns about the current OAUTH request process for accessing guild information. Requesting access to all guilds a user is in can be intrusive and deter users.

    A more user-friendly approach could include:

    Specific Guild Verification: Allow the bot to check if a user is a member of a particular guild without accessing all guilds, respecting user privacy.
    Public Guild Join Option: Add a “Join Now” button for public guilds to streamline access for new members.
    Private Guild Handling: Display a message like “Looks like you’re not in the right guild for this” with a greyed-out continue button for private guilds, providing clear feedback without exposing unnecessary details.
    These changes would enhance user trust and make the verification process more transparent and user-friendly.











    Best Regard,
    Florence Gayhart