Animated Bot PfP'S Why not banners?


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  • Florence Gayhart

    Hi everyone,

    I completely agree with the idea of allowing bots to have banners! While animated profile pictures (PfPs) are a great addition, having the ability to upload custom banners would significantly enhance the visual appeal and functionality of our bots. Here are a few reasons why this feature would be beneficial:

    Enhanced Visual Appeal: Custom banners can make bots look more professional and eye-catching. This is especially useful for bots that represent brands or communities.
    Showcase Features: Banners provide a larger canvas to highlight important commands, features, or artwork related to the bot. This can help users quickly understand what the bot offers.
    Branding Opportunities: For bot developers, banners can be a great way to incorporate branding elements, making the bot more recognizable and memorable.
    Dynamic Content: Animated banners can be used to display dynamic content, such as recent updates, events, or announcements, keeping users engaged and informed.
    I believe this feature would be a valuable addition to Discord, and I encourage everyone to upvote this idea so it can be seen by the developers and hopefully implemented in the future.

    Thank you for considering this suggestion, and I look forward to seeing our bots become even more awesome with custom banners!





    Best regards,
    Florence Gayhart
    Lowes Life