Allow text to expand fully under thumbnails in embeds


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  • Graham Rodriguez


    To allow text underneath a thumbnail in an embed to expand to the full width of the embed, you can use CSS to adjust the layout of your elements. Here’s a general approach using CSS:

    .embed-container {
     display: flex;
     flex-direction: column;

    .thumbnail {
     align-self: center;
     /* Set your desired width */ Doglikesbest

    .embed-text {
     width: 100%;
     /* Additional styling */
    In this setup, .embed-container is the parent element that holds both the thumbnail and the text. By setting display: flex and flex-direction: column, you ensure that the thumbnail and text stack vertically. The .thumbnail class is for the image, and you can set a specific width if needed. The .embed-text class allows the text to take up the full width of the embed.