add ability to listen along on youtube music


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  • christy hernandez

    Hello NY State of Health Marketplacepinkjimrussiagirl,

    Your suggestion to add the ability to listen along to YouTube Music on Discord is a valid one, especially considering the convenience for users who already have a YouTube Premium subscription. While Discord currently supports Spotify for shared listening experiences, integrating YouTube Music would indeed cater to a broader audience.

    As of now, there isn’t an official feature within Discord to support YouTube Music in the same way it does for Spotify. However, there are third-party bots and applications that can be used to play music from YouTube on Discord servers. For example, the DisTube Bot supports YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, and more, allowing users to play music directly on Discord. Additionally, some users have found ways to connect YouTube Music to Discord using third-party desktop apps.

    For ad-free music listening, premium subscriptions like YouTube Premium are indeed valuable. They enhance the user experience by removing interruptions and providing additional features. Your feedback about integrating YouTube Music into Discord’s supported services is something that could be brought to the attention of Discord’s development team through their feedback channels or community forums

    It’s always good to see users advocating for features that would improve their experience and the inclusivity of various services. Hopefully, Discord will consider such integrations in the future to accommodate the preferences of all its users.

    Best Regards,