Proposal for Enhanced Bot Customization in Discord Activities


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  • Patrick Fritz

    Hello, ComredVukan 

    Your proposal for enhancing Discord’s bot functionalities is quite comprehensive and forward-thinking. It addresses the current limitations and outlines a vision for a more interactive and inclusive community experience. The technical and ethical considerations you’ve highlighted are crucial for a successful implementation.

    Here’s a concise summary of your proposal:

    Proposal Summary:

    Objective: To expand Discord’s API for bots to interact dynamically in games like “Know What I Meme” and “Gartic Phone”.
    Current Limitations: Bots are restricted to initiating activities and responding to commands, lacking real-time game interaction.
    Benefits: Increased creative freedom, community engagement, accessibility, and educational potential.
    Technical Needs: Support for NLP, image processing, and real-time decision-making.
    Ethical Considerations: Ensuring fair play, data privacy, and responsible use with clear guidelines.
    Conclusion: Enhancing bot interactions can significantly boost platform engagement and creativity.
    Recommendation: Pilot the functionality with developer feedback and a selective beta program.

    I hope my suggestion is helpful for you.


    Best Regard,
    Patrick Fritz
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  • Tony Rodrigo

    The possibility of bots participating dynamically in games like "Gartic Phone" would indeed take our user experience to a whole new level. Speaking of enhancements, has anyone here tried the Papertyper bot for paper writing? I stumbled upon it recently and wondered if it could be a game-changer for managing our school essays. Would love to hear if anyone has tested it out and what your thoughts are on its effectiveness!