Activity Status in voice channels


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  • Moonstarowo1

    its so annoying i agree


  • Citatus_Lingua

    Not only is it annoying, not having it off by default is *still* illegal under European privacy protections.

  • Ravelonarivo Henintsoa

    Je trouve que c'est vraiement pratique, moi j'approuve totalement!

  • AMP

    I think it's also a step back in terms of privacy. Previously, you could set a status for the Channel itself, and only people with access to that channel could see it. Now, the status is global. It can be seen even from other servers.

  • Century Regalia

    Not only is it annoying,


    Century Regalia

  • Icywebs

    I looked through the rest of the feedback forums. Interesting how this topic gets brought up the most, has the most votes, and quite a few comments echoing it in every thread.

    Discord has become very important for communication and it has a lot of great functions, but this is not one of those great functions and it's bad enough that it actually makes me less satisfied with the platform as a whole. The lack of ability to permanently disable or opt out of this status thing is mindbogglingly terrible implementation of a new feature that's as half baked as the new mobile UI.

  • liam788fh

    I perused the remaining feedback forums upst stock. It's interesting to note that this topic receives the most votes, discussion, and comments across all threads.