Beta Activity Status Icons


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  • Hobo Box

    This feature infuriates me for the sole reason that you can't disable it.

    I despise that I'm being given less and less control over the app.

  • Sataru Sanuni

    I also think the activity status thing is wack. Like, it's one thing if someone WANTS to show off what they're doing, but we already have the “status” part of a profile and don't need second status. Not having an opt-out (neither user nor server-wide) is a Problem for more people than just me. Compounding it with the auto-grab function whenever you join vc with someone who already has an activity status, I actually hate it. The only ways I've found to turn it off is to 1) manually clear the activity status whenever it shows up or 2) go offline/invisible.

    Moderation issues with custom statuses: 

    1. How would a server moderator/admin remove a custom activity status if it went against server rules or TOS? Server roles permissions only have “Use Activities” (vc game setting), “Use Voice Activity” (vc voice setting), and “Set Voice Channel Status” which I think is only if someone doesn't already have a profile status. Would they have to report the user's profile/behavior and wait for a discord support member to manually remove the activity status? 
    2. If I have a custom activity status that's fine for one server but against the rules for another server, can the moderators in the second server allowed to remove/hide my status due to it being against server rules? 
    3. Large-scale servers might have trouble with moderating custom statuses in general due to the amount of people in the server. This could be managed by adding a server permissions toggle to set if roles are allowed to use custom statuses or even statuses at all. 

    UI issues: 

    1. The activity status icon is visually confusing when in vc. The muted/deafened icon sits in the bottom-right corner when there's no activity status and “slides over" when there is an activity status. At a moment's glance, it's hard to tell if a person is muted/deafened or not. My suggestion: perhaps choose a different corner or no icon at all on the user-card in vc.
    2. The sound notification when you set/grab an activity status doesn't show up in the notification settings. The two ways I've been able to turn off the sound is by 1) toggle on “Disable All Notification Sounds” or 2) enabling Streamer Mode, neither of which is not ideal to the average user. 
    3. When joining a vc without an activity status, you will be given an activity status if there is someone in the vc that already has one. This is a problem because there is no confirmation popup asking if you even want the status. This could be solved with a simple popup similar to the “Are you sure you want to switch channels?” confirmation popup. 

    Privacy issues:

    1. It doesn't have an opt-in or an opt-out feature, which means users are automatically susceptible to the status activity feature without a way to turn it off. This could easily be solved by adding a toggle option in the “Activity Privacy” section of settings to ask if the user wants discord to broadcast their activity status, similar to the option for discord to detect the game you're playing. 
    2. If I only want to share my activity status with the server I'm in or just my friendslist, is there a way to choose that? There's not a setting for it that I can see. The solution for this would be adding toggle options in the “Activity Privacy” section of settings to ask if the user wants discord to broadcast their activity status to 1) only their friends, 2) only the server they are in vc in, 3) any server they're in, and 4) anyone who opens their profile. 
    3. It broadcasts the server and voice channel the user is in, which is a bit too cozy on discord's part. Maybe there should be a toggle option for users to broadcast that they are “Gonna BRB” without broadcasting what server/vc they're in.

    Main issue I would like to close with is if you're going to add / beta test a new feature, make it available for users to opt-out, if not automatically make it an opt-in feature. This goes for all new features that don't majorly change the main usability of the discord app (which is the direct messages, the servers, and the and the voice/video call function). If it will majorly change one or more of those three, then you should give an advanced notice of the upcoming changes so you don't have to deal with as many angry/confused users. The fact that there's not even a changelog to quote for when this change happened is infuriating. 

  • Heretech


    If there were just a toggle in the Server Settings, none of us would be here posting on this.